I’m Gonna Be With My Baby

9 Jan
This song is for those who are blessed enough to have their best friend as their mate.  Though everyone needs personal space from time to time, I bet it sure would be nice be with someone who minimizes that desire for solitude.
I’m Gonna Be With My Baby By Robert “Trey” Hill, III
Featuring a sample and rhythm from “Strawberry Letter 23” by Brothers Johnson
(I…,) must admit every now and then
(I…,) wonder what it would be like if my closest friend
(I’m gonna be…,)
Was my one and only lady, my mate for life
Real woman, nothing shady, kind you make your wife
(I’m gonna be…,)
The kind of woman who, you know, who would always find
Me when I’m at my very lowest and be right on time
(I’m gonna be…,)
Dust me off and get me pointed in the right direction
Never called her, she just knew, some kinda soul connection
(I’m gonna be…,)
Such a woman is my favorite dream
One touch, forgot about my favorite team
(I’m gonna be…,)
Forget the game, I’ll catch the highlights some other time
On ESPN, but for now I’m watching Lifetime
(I’m gonna be…,)
Not ‘cause I want to, that just ain’t my kinda TV
But where she is…, is where…,
“I’m gonna be with my baby
I’m free
flying in her arms
Over the sea”
No doubt that I would love her, but sometimes just in case
(I…,) would ask so I won’t smother her, and give her some space
(I’m gonna be…,)
But she’ll always opt to be with me, you bet I am blessed
No words, content to sit with me, her head on my chest
(I’m gonna be…,)
And when the honeymoon is over, in real life it must end
(I…,) can always kick it with the boyz, and she her girlfriends
(I’m gonna be…,)
But our friends will get put in their places if they step out of line
‘Cause we’re on a best friend basis, I’m hers and she’s mine
(I’m gonna be…,)
And she’s mine, and I’m hers.  She’s so fine, to observe
Her mesmerizes me even more that her curves
(I’m gonna be…,)
The way she speaks, enough to stimulate
The kind of speech I want my daughter to emulate
(I’m gonna be…,)
So steppin’ out on my love is completely out
Dollar menu with filet mignon at the house
(I’m gonna be…,)
Meet you at the strip club?  Well just wait and see
And ah (If you arrive and don’t see me…